A couple of weeks before my birthday Ben casually asked if I liked Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and of course I said 'Yes, why were you thinking of taking me to see it at the hippodrome'! I'm not one for skirting around surprises and to be honest, Ben isn't that subtle haha.
I watch Carrie Fletcher on YouTube, for those of you who don't know of her you should, shes amazing. I've been following her play the role of Truly Scrumptious since she got the part and saw that she was going to be in Birmingham around my birthday, so when Ben said chitty I knew immediately he had looked and saw that it was showing at the Hippodrome. I also knew that Lee Mead was playing the Caracatus Potts. I watched Lee when he was on Joseph and actually voted for him to win it so being able to watch him was also a huge plus.

So he booked the tickets and the Friday before my birthday we booked a babysitter and drove in our normal estate to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

In short it was INCREDIBLE. We both had such a good time and the whole production was so enjoyable.

In long we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We don't get to go our regularly so we went a bit early and had a meal at the Wetherspoon's opposite the theatre as we didn't have much time and I didn't want to be too adventurous. The time came and we went over to the Hippodrome, got our tickets and programme and took our seats in the stalls. They were pretty good seats for booking so last minute, we were right at the back of the stalls and could see all of the stage.

I was so excited, as was Ben and it didn't disappoint. My favourite number was definitely 'Toot Sweets' the whole shebang of it was so much fun and uplifting and sounded great. Bens favourite was 'Hush a bye mountain' (crushing on lee mead). The end of Act One gave me goose bumps when they were singing Chitty as you could hear the rest of the cast singing as well. We could hear people all around us singing along to all the songs and the couple next to us sang every word, it was so nice seeing people having fun. The second act wasn't as great as the first but the whole thing was really good and I would highly, highly recommend it to anybody.

Its definitely given us the theatre bug and now we're going to keep a look out for new shows coming to the Hippodrome and have a look for some discounted ticket sites so if you know any let me know!

Thank you for taking me Ben, it was definitely something to remember and a lovely way to kick off my birthday celebrations. Here's a blurry, not very good lighting picture of us taken in the interval.

If you have the chance to see it, book your ticket and clear out your voice to sing along!
Love Ellie x